An innovative approach, a historic foundation and a sustainable perspective – these are the three elements that make Fonnesbech unique.

Fonnesbech is about good design. We strive to create pieces for the small, long-lasting wardrobe. We are tired of endless consumption and the throw away culture of the Western world – and therefore, we’ve created a response. With high-quality materials, craftsmanship and a responsible mindset, Fonnesbech is an innovative fashion brand re-launched in Copenhagen in 2014.


Our unique and more than century-long heritage is the starting point of everything at Fonnesbech. In 1847, Anders Fonnesbech opened his eponymous shop in Copenhagen. As a true visionary, he sold high-quality fabrics, textiles and garters and when his son entered the family business, it evolved into a true fashion house – producing its own clothes and accessories and importing the best designers at the time. We have build the new Fonnesbech brand on the foundation of this legacy – high-end products, the best qualities, and a big archive of old design combined with an innovative approach to materials and design inform our collections.


Fonnesbech provides modern fashion with a long-lasting perspective. Our design is based on our vast archive of historic pieces, but is propelled by an innovative spirit in terms of production, materials and cut. We believe that clothing should last for more than one season and we value versatility. Therefore, many of Fonnesbech’s pieces have multiple functions, adding to their value as the wearer can use them in many different ways. We seek the best materials and work responsibly with sustainability on many levels – but the most important thing is quality. Fonnesbech offers premium clothes to professional women – it’s a wardrobe made for individuals that seek exclusive and unique designs that stand out.


Responsibility is at the core of Fonnesbech. We want to take responsibility for our planet, humans and the environment. We do not wish to preach or impose our vision on anyone, but we firmly believe that sustainable business models and a sustainable approach is what are needed for our future. That’s why we source the best materials possible and work with a broad range of certified sustainable producers and manufacturers. Responsibility also means that our products are meant to last, as we want to slow the speed of consumption. Making responsible fashion is a big and difficult task with many different – and sometimes conflicting – perspectives. It’s a core value, but not a dogma. We cherish quality and innovation and put this at the forefront as we aim to present a unique and new brand that caters to the world of tomorrow.


Our past and our heritage is the foundation of Fonnesbech. We look to the future and create sophisticated and sustainable design.

Our mission is to create fashion that combines high quality craftsmanship and usability with an intelligent take on functionality.

The high level of quality is embedded in the vision to create long lasting designs that are forever relevant.

The Fonnesbech design DNA is based on three key words; Crafted – High Performance – Elegance:

Crafted: Tailored, fitted, high quality materials.

High performance: High tech and traditional materials with intelligent benefits.

Elegance: Fonnesbech heritage, details, cuts and silhouettes